In the fifth Irish dancer mystery book,The Alaskan Sun, Liffey Rivers'
harrowing experiences in South Africa are finally over and she manages
to get back to Wisconsin by way of a pilgrimage to Lourdes. When she
takes an idyllic Alaskan cruise with her family and best friend, Sinead
McGowan, her trip itinerary includes, in addition to exciting shore
excursions, her first boyfriend and an Irish dancing competition (feis) in
Anchorage. Liffey Rivers sets sail straight into the arms of
contentment-and her worst enemy.


“It's not an animal. It’s the O’Neill Banshee,”      
she whispered hoarsely.
"I don't know what I believe, Robert,
but the day my grandmother died, a
crow sat on her window sill all day
looking in at her. I saw it."
The doctor took a handkerchief from
his pocket and carefully wrapped it
around the needle and asked if
anyone had an envelope to preserve
the evidence.
The letter was dusted for fingerprints and then
opened by the police who determined there was no
Bacillus anthracis or any other deadly toxins
enclosed. There was only a single, scraggly black

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"Annie received her book yesterday.
As soon as she got it, she said,"Bye,
mom, I'll see you when I finish
reading." Five minutes later, she ran
back to read me the first paragraph,
which, she says, is "the best
beginning of a book. EVER."
      Thank you!"