"...all of you who enjoyed Nancy
Drew, Trixie Belden and Hardy Boys
stories as a child, you will really love
these books – even as an adult!"
Maureen Smith
Celtic Women International
Chicago Branch

"...If you are an Irish dancer, you will
like them because . . . Liffey Rivers,
the heroine, is a young teenager who
is stuck in the novice level of Irish
dance. Most dancers know what this
is like. Novice is the third level of
competition, and it can be very
difficult to dance your way out of it....
she is also stuck wearing a school
dress for competition, rather than a
solo dress. Liffey desperately wants
to wear a solo dress.... Irish dancers
will also appreciate the vocabulary of
dance and feeling in the know
(glossaries are provided in books 1&3
for those not in the know).

If you are child, you will like them
because . . . they are fast-paced
mysteries. Plus, Liffey is the classic
underdog who wins in the end. I had
a difficult time eliciting responses
from my children on this one. They
just like the books, all right, because
Liffey has all sorts of adventures and
travels to Ireland and England.

If you are like me (an adult, I guess),
you will like them because . . . these
books are pure magic. At the start of
the first one, Liffey Rivers and the
Mystery of the Sparkling Solo Dress
Crown, I was hooked because Liffey
is all on her own at a feis. Magical
adventures always occur in literature
when children are left to their own
devices, and the Liffey books are not
exceptions. You might ask yourself
how a thirteen-year-old could check
into a hotel by herself, let alone stay
there by herself, but you will keep
reading because it is a fascinating
concept. And, yes, all is explained
eventually, but, meanwhile, Liffey and
her unusual routines will charm you.
She is, as one author calls distinctly
fascinating characters, off the nose.
For example, Liffey must eat spaghetti
and meatballs the night before every
feis. And she has a feis breakfast, too.
In any case, the writing and story are
what count, and her stories are stellar."

                   New Mexico